Using the Corrals 2 Go! Portable Corral System

The Corrals 2 Go! portable corral system is remarkably simple.

There are just two parts. Corral panels, and pins. Every panel has a series of round hinge-like tubes welded to the ends. A 40″ stainless steel rod functions as the “hinge” pin. The corral panels are lined up and the pin drops down, locking the panels together. Any panel can be gate, and the easy-to-move corral panels can be configured in various ways. This video gives a good overview of the Corrals 2 Go! portable corral system.

Let us know if there’s a video you’d like to see, or a question we can answer for you on video. We’ll have those here on this site, and we’ll post the portable corral videos on our Facebook page and our Corrals 2 Go! YouTube channel, as well.

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