Shipping Corrals 2 Go! Portable Corral Panels to Canada

Shipping to Canada

Shipping across the border into Canada isn’t as easy as yom might think. Shipping our portable corral panels is actually somewhat difficult—and can be very expensive. Due to the size and weight of the shipment, it must be transported by a trucking company. A shipper like UPS or FedEx, a package shipping company, is relatively easy to use across border.

Because our corral panels must ship as freight, it is considered a trucking company shipment

Canadian customs requires that a customs broker must prepare the appropriate documents and calculate the fees and taxes for you. The broker would also pay these fees to customs for you, prior to moving the shipment across the border. And while all this is going on, the shipment would have to be sitting in a warehouse—incurring warehousing and additional handling fees.

Compounding the issue is that customs brokers do not like processing ‘one time’ transactions for non-business customers. It can be difficult to even find a broker that will do this for you.

Once the shipment is processed, and you have paid all these costs, it is ready to go and is loaded on a truck headed for its final destination. And to top it all off, freight shipping by truck in Canada is very expensive compared to the US.

The lowest cost way—the best way—to get the corrals into Canada? Have us to ship them by truck to one of the many “warehouses” or cross-border stores on the US side of the border that accept shipments, and store your  order for nominal fee.

You then cross the border, pick up your goods at the store, go back to the border and “self declare” your purchase, pay the fees and taxes and you are done. We have done this many times and can work with you to determine the best location to ship to.

If you would like to use this method of working around the problem of shipping corral panel order to Canada, please contact me for more information — 1-541-915-9544 or Dave Selzler

Thank you,

Dave Selzler