Safe & Secure Portable Horse Travel Corrals

Corrals 2 Go! Travel Corral set-up with two portable corrals linked together

We designed the Corrals 2 Go! Travel Corrals for 3 things. They must be:
A. Effective—both safe & secure for the horse—and ready for travel
B. Durable & long-lasting
C. Light in weight

When we started, we built exactly what we wanted: a simple-to-use corral system for safe travel with horses. We needed a corral system that would put our minds at ease: we wanted to be sure our horses are safe and secure. That was a priority. The corral panels had to be easy to take along; simple to load and unload from the trailer. We needed the corral set-up to be quick and adaptable to any terrain & conditions we might encounter — from grassy fields at organized events, to outback situations we might find on a trail ride, horse camp or endurance ride. And we wanted them to last — for years.

We couldn’t find what we wanted. So we built it for ourselves.

Two horses sharing the hay in a Corrals 2 Go! travel corral.

Traveling with horses can be safe and fun — for everyone. With a Corrals 2 Go! travel corral!

We knew we didn’t want anything flimsy or reliant on plastic or other oddball connections. As you probably have discovered, horses are not known for being easy on equipment. And if a horse can chew on something he or she will. If a horse can get into trouble, he or she will. And we certainly didn’t want them contained next to the trailer; that’s a proven recipe for trouble.

The solution was fairly low-tech, but appropriate. Not flashy. Nothing fancy. No telescoping tubes, plastic connections or Made-in-China nonsense.

We did it right and we did to last. We weren’t trying to please anyone but our own high standards. We didn’t aim for a price point or consider marketing. But people noticed our corrals right away — and we knew we weren’t the only ones who wanted, and needed, a great portable corral system.

It was also obvious from the beginning that one size just couldn’t work for all. Trailers vary in mounting capabilities and size. Horses differ in size and temperament. And people need portable corral panels to make everything from round pens to temporary stalls, or even as a corral for llamas. So we designed two standard panel heights (50″ and 56″) and three different panel lengths (6′, 7′ 4″, 10′) that cover pretty much anything we needed or could imagine — or our customers have wanted over the last 20 years did. And, in the rare event when someone needs something special (mini horses, etc.), we are happy to build a set of custom corral panels, as well.

Set of travel corral panels with hinge/connectors showing — ready for powdercoating

One stacked set of panels, in raw steel, ready for powdercoating. Hinge/connectors.

A reasonable finished panel weight makes it easy for just about anyone to easily set up a Corrals 2 Go! corral. The normal 50″ tall by 6′ panel weigh 16 pounds, a 7’4″ weighs 19 pounds and the 10′ weighs 24 pounds. We have testimonials all the way from 12-year-old girls to women in their 70’s who can easily — and quickly — unload and set up a corral and then take it down and load it back on the trailer.

We build the Corrals 2 Go! in our own shop in Eugene, Oregon. One-at-a-time. Just the way we would, and did, for ourselves. We weld each corral from American-made 3/4″ square steel tubing. The resulting corral panels have a pretty close to ideal strength-to-weight ratio.

In the shop, welding Corrals 2 Go! horse travel corral panels.

Made in the USA. One at at time. Built to last.

All the welds are ground smooth and then the panels are given an industrial white powdercoat paint finish that is extremely durable and long-lasting. Walk around a horse camp once in the dark, and you’ll see — clearly — why white is the right corral panel color. We use an extra-long, heavy-duty 40″ stainless steel rod that works like a hinge pin to link the panels. We also designed and build our own special adpaters to make any panel a gate, and allow multiple corrals to be linked together. We don’t cut corners and use the best materials and techniques that we can.

An excellent portable corral system must be designed to travel. So we designed and build our own folding corral panel racks. With the Fold-a-Rack you can easily mount the corral panels on the side of your trailer. And, because we offer different lengths, we can usually fit almost any trailer out there. And once your corral is set up, or you don’t have them with you, the ingeniously simple panel rack folds nearly flush with the side of your trailer—where it won’t be bumped or damaged.

Corrals 2 Go! Travel Corral Panel Rack on Horse Trailer

The Fold-a-Rack mounted to the horse trailer, with corral panels in place.

As far as the panel weights – they are light enough for most people to move one or two at a time, but build up into a corral that doesn’t get dragged around or otherwise messed with by the horse or horses it secures.

At the same time, any horse can drag just about any portable corral if they get a wild hair, and if you use a corral that’s too light in weight you are putting your horse in a situation where it can get into big trouble — in a hurry. If your corral is built from the wrong materials your horse is likely to damage the corral or get hurt. And if one side of the corral is formed by your trailer, you can count on damage to both horse and trailer. The height of the horizontal bars in Corrals 2 Go! panels, and the distances between them, discourages horses from getting under the panels, or in between the rails.

Another bent aluminum pipe corral duct taped together.

Uh, no thanks. I'll just take the Corrals 2 Go! — and skip the bubble gum and baling wire...

We’ve seen plenty of bent pipe corrals — lightweight galvanized pipe makes great electric conduit for wiring, but not a very safe corral for holding a horse. And lightweight aluminum is too easily bent; bent panels will not stack flat when putting on (or in) the trailer.

Same for flimsy PVC corrals. They will be dragged around and broken. It’s just a matter of time. That’s not a thought we want to have in mind when we are heading for the living quarters of our trailer for a good night’s sleep.

If you have any questions on our panels and how the are used, please contact us directly. We have testimonials and anecdotes from many customers to add to our own extensive experience. The Corrals 2 Go! system really is the best portable corral system for traveling with horses. And we’re happy to help you discover that for yourself!

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1 Maury Mertz April 20, 2017 at 1:24 pm

What is the cost of the fold-a-rack? I am looking for two. Also how many inches of panels can it hold and what is the weight capacity using two?
Thank you,

2 Dave April 20, 2017 at 2:58 pm

The Fold A Rack kit cost is $160 per set of two arms, hardware and bungees. There is 10″ of usable arm for carrying panels. The weight capacity for the two arms is 400 pounds

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