Corrals 2 Go! Portable Horse Corral Panel System FAQs

Q: Do you ever have specials, sales or used corral panels available?

A: Yes we do run occasional sales, free or reduced shipping, or have demo units that come available. If you sign up for our email news you’ll be the first to know when we do! We won’t bother you, though, and we won’t share your info with anyone, either.

Q: Can I get Corrals 2 Go! corral panels in colors other than white?

A: White is by far best for visibility at night for you and your horses (and other horses that have escaped from their electric-fence corrals and are wandering around camp). However, corral panels are available in other colors for an additional cost.

Q: Are Corrals 2 Go! portable horse corral panels sturdy enough to hold any horse in?

A: An unruly horse that is determined to escape a corral should either be left at home or housed in a heavy pipe corral. However, Corrals 2 Go! portable horse corrals have been used successfully to house everything from 800-pound Arabians to 1500-pound Quarterhorses.

Q: Do Corrals 2 Go! portable corrals need to be anchored to the ground to keep horses from dragging them around?

A: No, it is not necessary to anchor your corral to the ground. The square steel tubing itself provides sufficient friction against the ground to make it extremely difficult for a horse to drag the corral. We have had no reports of such problems with the corrals.

Q: I am only 5’2″ tall and weigh 98 pounds. Would Corrals 2 Go! panels be too heavy for a woman my size to handle?

A: Absolutely not. A person of your size and average strength should be able to easily lift two portable corral panels (6′ or 7’4″) onto or off the Fold-a-Rack hangers. In fact, our panels are used and recommended by many women who travel with horses.

Q: Are Corrals 2 Go! panels designed to be attached to my trailer when in use?

A: No they aren’t, and for good reasons. A free-standing corral eliminates the chance of damage to the side of your horse trailer and prevents injuries to your horse from catching its legs under your trailer.

Q: How much maintainance do the Corrals 2 Go! travel corral panels require?

A: The industrial powder coating provides maximum protection, which means minimum maintainence for you. Typically this means storing the travel corral panels inside when not using them during the rainy or snowy season and touching up small spots every couple of years, if necessary, with Rustoleum paint.

Q: How many corral panels fit on the Fold-a-Rack trailer hangers?

A: A set of Fold-a-Rack horse trailer hangers will hold up to 13 corral panels. We used to offer a slightly smaller size (that was just wide enough for just 11 panels on the side of some wider horse trailers). We could make a set of custom corral panel trailer hangers if you need something special—just let us know.

Q: How do I decide whether to buy the Fold-a-Rack travel corral hanger system or simply haul my corral panels inside the trailer?

A: If you have an extra stall in your trailer, hauling the corral panels in a stall works fine (just be sure you buy a length that fits your trailer – usually 7’4″). If you prefer to haul them outside the trailer, be aware that by law, 8’6″ is the maximum width for a vehicle or trailer. The Fold-a-Rack corral panel hangers extend 10.5 inches beyond the side of the trailer. They work well for wide-fendered trailers. If you have a narrow-fendered trailer or no fenders, measure the width of your trailer and add the 10.5 inches needed for the hangers to see whether you are within the legal limits.

Q: Are Corrals 2 Go! portable horse corral panels available only in the 6′, 7’4″, and 10′ lengths?

A: Those are the lengths of corral panels that are most commonly ordered, but custom lengths can be ordered as well. Please contact us for pricing and ordering.