Gail DeStefano, Certified HSA Instructor, Recommends Corrals 2 Go! Panels

Gail DeStefano is a Certified HSA Instructor who emphasizes on Natural Horsemanship using the Parelli method. Gail teaches at Highwind Farm, on Long Island and also writes a monthly column for the Horse Directory, a Long Island equine publication. The project she is working on now is a new “Training Tips” video teaching you how you can trick train your horse using patience.

“The Corrals 2 Go! Portable Corral System is one of the best investments I have ever made! Setting up for demos can be very exhausting but, with the Corrals 2 Go! I am able to set up alone in no time. Working with another person saves even more time and effort because we are able to carry 3 panels at a time.

Storing the panels is easy and they hardly take up any space.

I have found other uses for the panels too. I have used single panels as stall doors while away, box stalls, aisles for moving horses safely in crowds and of course as a working round pen. My horses feel at ease and safe when either working or hanging out in them. I highly recommend this product for travel or home.”

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