Fold-a-Rack Portable Corral Panel Trailer Hangers


  • The Fold-a-Rack Corral Panel Travel system includes two rugged, aluminum racks that easily bolt to most trailers. With the Fold-a-Rack system you can haul up to 13 Corrals 2 Go! portable horse corral panels. Four rubber bungees attach the Corrals 2 Go! corral panels securely—with absolutely no rattling.


  • The Fold-a-Rack system makes it simple for one person to load and unload one or more panels at a time, while the remaining panels rest securely on the rack.


  • There is no danger of either you or your horse bumping into the racks after the panels have been removed!
    The unique design of the Fold-a-Rack system allows you to flatten the racks against the trailer, providing a safer situation for both you and your horse.