Corrals 2 Go! Portable Horse Corral Uses

Corrals 2 Go panels are used by endurance riders, team penners, horse campers, trail riders and others. They provide a safe and secure pen for your horse at riding events and at horse camp. That was the original design objective and they remain the superior option travel corral for horses. But they have multiple other uses when you’re not on the road.

Our Corrals 2 Go! customers have come up with many creative uses for our travel corral panels. At your home, on your property, around the barn and acreage—your panels will earn their keep!

Some people use them at home as feeding stations in situations where several horses are housed in the same pasture. This photo shows two square pens we use on our property driveway. We can make sure each horse in this section has equal opportunity to eat; we can control their access and then easily turn them out.


Others use them as temporary fencing. We recommend a slight zig-zag pattern when using the panels as temporary fenceline. This provides extra stability to the fence. The panels work particularly well for confining your horses (or other livestock) to certain areas of pasture or paddock. You can quickly cordon off an area you want to protect, or temporarily confine your animals.


Another popular use is converting for use as a portable round pen for training and exercising your horse. Because the Corrals 2 Go! panels are light and easy to move, they are just as simple to move around your property as they are to load and unload from your horse trailer on the road.

Using a Corrals 2 Go! System as a round pen

Horse running in a round pen converted from a set of Corrals 2 Go! travel corral panels