The Best Portable Corral for Travel with Horses. Period.

Corrals 2 Go! is the portable corral system you need. Sleep well knowing your horses are safe and secure.

Sturdy, lightweight, portable corrals. Protect your horse (or llama or pony) with safety and comfort when you’re on the road. Bulletproof durability—proven over the years as versatile travel corrals, temporary stalls, round pens and feeding stations. Just see what our customers say! Corrals 2 Go! portable corrals are used by hundreds of endurance riders, team penners, ropers, trail riders, hunting guides, horse trainers, barrel racers, show horses, rodeo horses and others who travel with equine and other hoofed companions. And demand the best.

Corrals 2 Go! portable corrals set up in minutes. Because your time is valuable.

The portable corral panels are light and simple to load and unload. Easy for anyone. And women love ’em! Simple hinge sleeves and full-length stainless steel pins make child’s play of setting up a freestanding portable corral or stall on any terrain. And any one of the Corrals 2 Go! system portable corral panels can be a gate. Arrive at camp, set up quick and enjoy a cold one—with your horses safely corralledand relax while others struggle with more complicated and less reliable products.

Corrals 2 Go! portable horse corrals protect more than your animals. Your investment is worth it.

As a fully freestanding portable corral design, you’ll never have to pen your animals against your trailer. This is safer—horses can’t get tangled up under it as with an overhead tie system—not only for the horses, it prevents damage to the trailer. Not to mention eliminating the annoyance of a horse jerking on the trailer all night. And you’ll rest easy knowing your horse is contained and won’t get out (as can with an electrical fence system).

Corrals 2 Go! portable corrals stand up to serious scrutiny — as well as the worst Nature can dish out. There’s really nothing comparable.

Built to last from rigid, 3/4″ square steel tubing, Corrals 2 Go! portable corral panels feature industrial-grade powdercoating for a durable, rust-free finish. These American-made portable corral panels are available in multiple styles and sizes—including custom designs and color—to create many different portable corral configurations. Go ahead and compare the competition. From price to performance, the best portable corral system for traveling with equines is clear—Corrals 2 Go!

  • No bells.
  • No whistles.
  • No finicky telescoping tubes.
  • No wimpy galvanized electrical conduit.
  • No velcro to gum up, get lost or for a horse to undo.
  • No plastic gizmos and endcaps to fall off or get chewed on.
  • No bendable, un-repairable aluminum tubing.
  • No ABS, no PVC; nothing plastic.
  • …and nothing to go wrong.

Corrals 2 Go!® portable corral — Rock-solid American craftsmanship & proven design.